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    Products and Services


    Our line of services include supply of industrial equipment, materials and services to the major industrial sector including oil & gas, petro-chemicals, chemicals, water, power and metals. Our sales philosophy is to help you get what you want with the best solution to fit your needs and expectations.

    Mechanical and Rotating Equipment including:

    ? Valves
    ? Actuators and smart positioners
    ? Pumps
    ? Pipe and fittings
    ? Flow elements
    ? Turbines and compressors
    ? Process equipment
       ? Heat exchangers
       ? Cooling towers
       ? Waste and environmental treatment
    ? Dryers
    ? Filters

    Electrical, Control and Instrumentation Equipment including:

    ? Pipeline Monitoring (SCADA) and leak detection
    ? Human Machine Interface (HMI) and specialized software applications
    ? Instruments: sensors and gauges
    ? Flow measurement and analyzers
    ? Metering and loading systems
    ? Electrical motors and drives
    ? Environmental monitoring
    ? Programmable logic controllers
    ? Industrial communications and networking
    ? Security and public address systems
    ? Fire and gas systems

    Upstream, Drilling and Completion Products including:

    ? Electric submersible pumps
    ? Transfer pumps
    ? Gas lift mandrels
    ? Well heads, chokes and C-Trees
    ? Early production systems
    ? Well production monitoring and optimization
    ? Tools and spare parts


    Through the years of experience and engineering capabilities, we are providing various cost effective technical solutions/services to major industries, which includes:

    ? Small to Medium scale construction
    ? Electro-Mechanical works
    ? Systems integration and commissioning for instrumentation and control/automation solutions
    ? Installation and calibration of instruments and metering systems
    ? Valve and actuator maintenance, commissioning and testing
    ? Waste treatment consultancy
    ? Data management and consultancy
    ? Technical manpower supply